Kids and the Internet! Pumpkin Ginger Spice Cupcakes

Who would have thought my daughter would be such a resource for recipes. Sure on the internet she finds cool make-up, which nail polish brands to skip and lots of “feels”, but lately she has been finding the yummiest sweets and dishes to try out. The latest is Pumpkin Ginger Spice Cupcakes from Julia Graf. These are awesome! We had a good time baking for hours. Yes, baking pumpkin puree from scratch can take awhile. We are in California and opted for baking the pumpkin in the oven like a acorn squash. I put water in the pan in an effort to “steam” it. It worked pretty well. We cooked them at 400 degrees for 50 min, turning them half way through and keeping an eye on them towards the end.

Cutting up the pumpkin is hard work. Pumkin Ginger Cupcake Cutting

Ready to removes the seeds. Pumkin Ginger Cupcake Cut in half

Off to the oven Pumkin Ginger Cupcake ready to cook

All Cooked up. We let them cool a bit before mashing. The rind came right off easily. Pumkin Ginger Cupcake cooked pumpkin

Mashed up with a fork

Pumkin Ginger Cupcake mashed pumpkin

Cutting up crystallized ginger. We did not have the fresh and I was not going to buy it in addition to the crystallized.


This batter was very yummy!

Pumkin Ginger Cupcake batter

Filling the liners 3/4 full. We made a double batch. 28 cupcakes.

Pumkin Ginger Cupcake liners being filled

All done and a quick photo before eating!

Pumkin Ginger Cupcakes 3

or two.

Pumkin Ginger Cupcakes 2

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