Memorial Day

While today we remember men and woman who have lost their lives while serving in the armed forces, it is also a day of general reflection for loved ones who are gone – a focus of our memory on them.

How it became a summer kick-off and BBQ event I do not know. Yes, we are having our family BBQ today. The husband (former Air Force Sargent back in the day) would not have it any other way.

It has also become a big race car weekend – Nascar and Formula One. Again making my husband very happy.

I did most of my food prep Saturday and Sunday. With the help of the family, today will be a holiday for me too, allowing me even time to write here.

I have some good news about my Mother and Mother in Law.

My Mother had a radioactive PET scan 2 weeks ago and when she met with the surgeon last week for the results he told her that the tumor they biopsied after being found in December 2013 is gone. He has no explanation that he can give for why it is gone. I do know that many people were praying for my Mom and it is nothing short of a miracle.

My Mother in Law has had a terrible past few months and was taken from the senior living home and hospitalized twice. The last time being very scary life and death stuff. She was in the this last time for almost a month.

She is out now and in physical therapy to get her legs strong again. When I last saw her she was able to use her walker again, but tires easily. While in the hospital one of the doctors on her team asked if he could be her doctor. She jumped at the chance and said yes. This will be wonderful, instead of when she is feeling ill and putting in a request to see the Physicians Assistant at the home (and then waiting) she or one of us in the family can make an appointment for that day or the next and keep ahead of all these health issues.

Very good news indeed.




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