Soul Care Seconds

Day 2 Soul Care Seconds

“But we’re not giving our souls the amount of silence they need to dissolve the chatter in our heads, listen to our whispers, and hear the parts of ourselves that are wise, brilliant, and deeply aware of our own unique truths.” Kelly Rae Roberts

Hygrangea on Stove
Silencing the noise. Oh that is so hard. I have to make a thoughtful conscious effort. I use meditative breathing exercises throughout the day. If I am having particular trouble I focus on a word. I use apple a lot. I do not know why.

I like having pretty things around the rooms to rest my eyes on and take a few deep breath. This is usually how my stove looks when not in use.

Soul Care Seconds

I am participating in Kelly Rae Roberts Soul Care Seconds. This is day one.

I have been doing little things through out this day – Memorial Day.

Holidays are always special in our house, so I do and make and cook. I was able to still carve out some time for my Soul Care.

Here are a few quotes from Kelly Rae about Soul Care – “It really can be about filling our days with tiny micro practices that nourish, strengthen and care for us. It’s about the healing that comes from pausing for a sacred second.”

“…beauty isn’t superficial. It’s the call of our hearts – made visible in our everyday lives.”

” Pausing to notice the beauty is in many ways a prayer of gratitude. We’re showing up, noticing, and pausing for a moment of breath, grace, and thanks.”

I took my cup of coffee out to the backyard early this morning to sit and notice. We filled the bird feeders yesterday and I was hoping to see a bird having it’s breakfast.

Day one of Kelly Rae Roberts Soul Care Seconds.

Soul Care

Sea Shells

Our family loves trips to the ocean. Actually I can not think of anyone who does not like the ocean or sea shells.

There is an artist who does the most lovely paintings. Her name is Kerrie and her website is Sea Cottage. Her art and quotes are inspirational.

Sea Shells

Photography Workshops

I am about to have all this free time on my hands and I want to do something in still life photography. There seems to be a number of fantastic on-line go at your own pace photography workshops available.

I think they are reasonably priced, but they are pricy at the same time. Many offer free refreshers.

Book and White Flower


Winding Down

After many years of homeschooling the end is in sight. I am looking forward to relaxing nothingness…


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