20 + Years

Life after Homeschooling

For over 20 years (5 children) at this time of the year I would be making lessons plans, gathering unit study supplies and making books lists in preparation for the new school year.
Not this year. This year I am under the shady tree with a cold drink and a stack of my favorite magazines.
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This Will Be Interesting…

This Will Be Interesting…Our adult son was once again mailed a summons for jury duty in Superior Court.

Last year his group never had to come in. This year his group did have to come in and He and I spent the day first waiting for his name to be called and then sitting in the actual court room.

There were so many potential jurors in the court room there were barely enough seats. Slowly the Judge went through some initials questions to weed out who could not serve because hardships or prejudice because of the nature of the case.  The Bailiff immediately knew there was an extra person in the room and made an announcement. I said it was me and I was here to assist my son. Outside the courtroom the  Bailiff asked what the nature of his disability was? I told him that Alex has Autism. He asked if there were any accommodations needed? I said no and that now that Alex was familiar with everything, I would not be coming into the court.

Alex does not drive. I will have to drive him into the city and bring my laptop or a book.

Alex handled it all very well. We have to return on Thursday. The prosecution and defense will decide who they want on the jury.

The number of children diagnosed with Autism has increased dramatically. It will be interesting to see how courts handle so many potential jurors in 8-10 years who have Autism.

I have no idea if it matters that a juror has Autism or not.

Update: The court clerk called. Alex was released from Jury Duty and his service is complete. We never had to go in for the interview


I Love Books

I went through my book shelves today. I have a pile of old books to sell at my next garage sale.

A few days a go I went to the Christan book store. I found several books I would like to own.  *sigh*.

Yesterday I spent the day at Barnes and Nobles with the kids while I waited for my college kids to get out of their classes. My friend stopped by to visit with her kids. She saw my small stack of books I was quickly reading. We talked about which ones were good and which ones were really good.

I had planned for the garage sale money to go towards buying needed items for the children*. But maybe, if I do well, I could take $20.00 and buy a book…

*Our 4 out of 5 of the kids are mildly handicapped and require  a good deal of support still in their daily living. 3 are over 18, and slowly progressing and we hope one day will be able to live in their own homes/apartments.

Digital Photography

Fallout 3

My son received Fallout 3 for his 20th birthday. This game is very interesting and has many levels.  My husband like to play it too. But much to my surprise, my 18 year daughter enjoys the game. She would not watch the tv show 24 with us because it made her queasy. But Fallout 3 she enjoys. There are some adult themes in the game, but my son has told me it is not necessary to the game and he does not use them.

Mann Family Research

Elizabeth Ann Mann KnightI  have been researching the Mann family line for several years. I have had a very hard time with it. If you can add or clarify anything concerning the Mann family please let me know.

I was raised believing that our family on my grandma Frances side has Indian blood. It was said to be on her mother’s side. This turns out not to be true on her mother side. All of my grandma Frances family lines are pretty well documented and no Native Americans have been found. Sadly, my Grandma passed away before the completion on my compiling all the names and dates of her family lines.

Elizabeth Mann Knight was Grandmother’s Grandma on her father’s side. She was born on Dec 29 1850 in Alabama.  She died on Oct 24 1904 in Montgomery, Alabama. I think she looks like she may have Indian ancestry.

Oakwood Cemetery in Montgomery, Alabama

*By DianaGM@dgmweb.net

I suspect the Mann families of 1790 North Carolina and Virginia are descended from brothers William and Thomas Mann of Gravesend England who came to coastal Virginia in June 1635 from London by way of Barbados on the ship Thomas & John. I have been exploring this for years and have concluded that sufficient records do not exist to trace the descent from them to my earliest identifiable Mann ancestor who was William Mann born 1760 in Northampton County NC. There are thousands of descendents of other Manns of coastal Virginia and North Carolina who will have the same problem. I believe there is only one way that can shed further information and that is Y-DNA testing. Consequently I am having a Y-DNA25 test done. Information is available at http://www.familytreedna.com. A Mann surname group has been formed. However, it will be of limited use until we have a sufficient number of male descendents submitting test results. The cost starts at $159 for the 12 marker test. I urge you to join me as one of the pioneers for the Mann surname project by ordering a test kit for yourself. Sponsor of the Mann surname group is DianaGM@dgmweb.net.*

This is what I do know.

Joseph MANN was born about 1815 in North Carolina. He was married to Emeline Ann “Annie” SHEPHERD. Emeline Ann SHEPHERD was born in 1815 in South Carolina.  She seems to be  a widow on the 1850 Alabama Census.

If I have the correct family the 1850 census shows the following:

Emaline              Mann            |    35 F    |                    | S.C.

Lee A.               Mann            |    14 M    |                    | Ala.

Fanny M.             Mann            |     8 F    |                    | Ala.

Joseph               Mann            |     6 M    |                    | Ala.

Elizabeth J.         Mann            |  5/12 F

But the age is wrong. Census taken in Nov, Our E not born yet.

ELIZABETH J MANN was born on Dec 29 1850 in Alabama.  She died on Oct 24 1904 in Montgomery, Alabama.

She was married to ROBERT LEVI KNIGHT (son of James Foreman KNIGHT and Elizabeth “Betsy” CHAMPION) on May 4 1874. ROBERT LEVI KNIGHT was born on May 16 1840 in Montgomery Alabama.  He died on Jan 4 1906 in Montgomery Alabama. Elizabeth was Robert’s second wife and during Robert’s first marriage ( to the widow Elizabeth D. Niblett), Elizabeth Mann and her family are shown on census pages as living in the same area.

Grandpa Knight

Name:           Robert L. Knight

Home in 1880:   Tuckers Store, Montgomery, Alabama

Age:     40

Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1840

Birthplace:        Alabama

Relation to Head of Household:             Self (Head)

Spouse’s Name:            Elisabeth A.

Father’s birthplace:        North Carolina

Mother’s birthplace:       South Carolina

Occupation:      Farmer

Marital Status:   Married

Race:    White

Gender:            Male

Household Members:

Name    Age

Robert L. Knight            40

Elisabeth A. Knight        29

William G. Knight           12

John K. Knight 10

Emma G. Knight            4

Robert L. Knight            5M

1900 census name Robert S. Knight.  1900 census Elabeth A Knight. 1900 Census shows address as 353 Herron St (West End) Montgomery, AL 36104

He was married to Elizabeth D NIBLETT (daughter of Caleb NIBLET and Mary A. COOK) on Oct 18 1866. Elizabeth D NIBLETT was born about 1835.  Elizabeth married Levi in 1866 when her youngest, Frannie was about 5 years old.  ROBERT LEVI KNIGHT and Elizabeth D NIBLETT had the following children:

  1. William Green KNIGHT was born in 1868.
  2. John K KNIGHT was born in 1870.

ROBERT LEVI KNIGHT and ELIZABETH ANN MANN had the following children:

  1. Emma Gertrude KNIGHT was born on Jul 25 1875 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  She died on Jan 15 1931.  unmarried
  2. Eugenia Elizabeth KNIGHT was born on Feb 3 1877 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Oct 18 1878.  unmarried
  3. James Foreman KNIGHT was born on Mar 25 1878 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  He died in Jan 1879.  unmarried
  4. Robert Luther KNIGHT.
  5. Rosa Lou KNIGHT.
  6. Mary Will KNIGHT was born about 1884 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  unmarried
  7. Katie Lee KNIGHT.
  8. Thomas Dillon KNIGHT was born on Mar 3 1888 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  He died on Nov 4 1934.
  9. Franklin Joseph KNIGHT.
  10. Clifford Dale KNIGHT.

61.  Mary Elizabeth KNIGHT was born on Jan 5 1843 in Montgomery Alabama.  She died on Nov 24 1900 in Luverne, Alabama.

She was married to Josiah HUDGENS. Josiah HUDGENS was born on Nov 14 1830 in Montgomery Alabama.

63.  Nancy Lucindia KNIGHT was born on Jul 4 1849 in Rocky Mount Crenshaw, Alabama.  She died on Apr 4 1883.

She was married to WILLIAM JASON ANDREW JACKSON HILLIARD on Apr 4 1869.

64.  Thomas Darlan KNIGHT was born on Mar 5 1847 in Rocky Mount Crenshaw, Alabama.  He died on Jun 16 1898.

He was married to Deborah STROUD. Deborah STROUD was born in 1851.

66.  Arabella Mildred CHAMPION was born about 1838.  She died before Oct 13 1905.

She was married to James C GAUNTT on Aug 6 1857 in Henderson Co, TX.  Arabella Mildred CHAMPION and James C GAUNTT had the following children:

  1. Texana GAUNTT was born in 1861 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  2. Leroy GAUNTT was born in Dec 1864 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  3. William Charles GAUNTT was born on Feb 19 1867 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.  He died on Oct 17 1934 in Athens, Henderson, Tx.
  4. Adeline S. GAUNTT was born in Mar 1871 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  5. Mary GAUNTT was born in 1873 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  6. Jeffie GAUNTT was born in Mar 1875 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  7. Daisy GAUNTT was born in 1877 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  8. Sibby E. GAUNTT was born in Feb 1881 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.
  9. James Robert GAUNTT was born on Mar 6 1883 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.  He died on Jun 2 1967 in LaRue, Henderson, TX.

67.  Lorenzo Dowe CHAMPION was born on Mar 8 1840.  He died on Jul 30 1870.

He was married to Tersy Jane CROXTON (daughter of Eliza Minter CROXTON SR and Nancy Lucinda CHAMPION) on Jan 27 1867. Tersy Jane CROXTON was born on Mar 12 1843.  She died on Dec 9 1917.

68.  Nancy M CHAMPION was born about 1841 in Lowndes County, Alabama.  She died after Jul 28 1860.

She was married to William MASENGALE.


74.  Robert Luther KNIGHT was born on Dec 9 1879 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  He died on May 5 1940.

He was married to Hattie Pearl BOOTHE (daughter of John Kendrick BOOTHE and Lou Aurelia NELSON) on Jan 18 1904.  Robert Luther KNIGHT and Hattie Pearl BOOTHE had the following children:

  1. Mable KNIGHT.
  2. Mary KNIGHT was born on May 17 1919 in Montgomery Alabama.  She died on May 17 1919 in Montgomery Alabama.
  3. Ruben Emmanuel KNIGHT was born on Sep 5 1912 in Montgomery Alabama.  He died on Oct 9 1921 in Montgomery Alabama.
  4. Vernon Terrell KNIGHT was born on Dec 8 1914 in Montgomery Alabama.  He died on Jul 27 1917 in Montgomery Alabama.

75.  Rosa Lou KNIGHT was born on Apr 27 1883 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Jan 6 1931.

She was married to William A SHEPHEARD on May 15 1904.

77.  Katie Lee KNIGHT was born on May 10 1886 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Apr 14 1958.  1920 Census show name as Katy.

She was married to William Peeke PARISH on May 15 1904. William Peeke PARISH was born about 1883 in Lapine, Montgomery, Alabama.

79.  Franklin Joseph KNIGHT was born on Feb 22 1891 in Lapine, Montgomery, Alabama.  He died on Oct 28 1943.  He was buried on Oct 30 1943 in Mesa City Cementary, Mesa, Maricopa, Az.

He was married to Buelah Mae PILKINTON (daughter of Orville Calvin PILKINTON and Minerva Elizabeth Izora (Maggie) DIAL (LIZZIE) on Mar 23 1912 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al. Buelah Mae PILKINTON was born on Apr 19 1894 in Columbia, Maury, Tn.  She died on Apr 17 1928 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She was buried on Apr 19 1928 in Oakwood Cemetery, Montgomery.

Franklin Joseph KNIGHT and Buelah Mae PILKINTON had the following children:

  1. Thora Oraphene KNIGHT.
  2. Oneita KNIGHT.
  3. Juanita KNIGHT.
  4. Elvia Elizabeth KNIGHT.
  5. Frances May KNIGHT.
  6. Aubry Calvin (AC) KNIGHT.
  7. Joseph Callis (JC) KNIGHT.
  8. John Franklin KNIGHT was born on Apr 17 1928 in Montgomery Alabama.  He died on Apr 17 1928 in Montgomery Alabama.Cause of death: Premature birth. Beulah cause of death: Pneumonia.

Franklin Joseph KNIGHT was married to Josephine Pearl SAYERS one year after the death of Beulah.

80.  Clifford Dale KNIGHT was born on Nov 8 1892 in Lapine, Montgomery, Al.  He died in Apr 1955.

He was married to Bell WILLIAMSON on Aug 23 1911.

Glifford on the 1910 Census.


94.  Thora Oraphene KNIGHT was born on Jun 16 1912 in Montgomery Alabama. (photo) She died in 1989.

She was married to Vere CLUFF on Jan 19 1934.

Thora Oraphene KNIGHT and Vere CLUFF had the following children:

  1. Male CLUFF.
  2. Male CLUFF.
  3. Male CLUFF.
  4. Male CLUFF.

95.  Oneita KNIGHT was born on Apr 25 1914 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Jan 17 1947.  She was buried in Mesa Cemetary, Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.

She was married to Vernon Cornelious FURR on May 18 1933.  Oneita KNIGHT and Vernon Cornelious FURR had the following children:

  1. Shirley FURR.
  2. Richard Melvin FURR.
  3. Vernita FURR.
  4. Pam FURR.

96.  Juanita KNIGHT was born on Apr 25 1914 in Montgomery, Montgomery, Al.  She died on Feb 16 1963.

She was married to Laurence KANE on May 18 1933.  She was divorced from Laurence KANE on Jun 6 1934.

She was married to Jewel William PARKER on Jan 4 1947.

97.  Elvia Elizabeth KNIGHT was born on May 5 1916 in Montgomery Alabama.

She was married to Gerald JOHNSON on Jul 28 1935.  She was divorced from Gerald JOHNSON on Sep 28 1939.

She was married to Rex HOPPER on Oct 2 1939.

98. Frances May KNIGHT was born on Dec 17 1918 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama. She died on Jul 26 2008 in Salt Lake City Utah.  Soon after the death of her mother and the remarriage of her father, the family moved across the county to Arizona.At 16 she left home to  live and work at Helen Millet Dana’s maternity home in Mesa Arizona.

“Helen Millet Dana 1885-1961 This nurse operated a maternity home at her residence and also traveled with a physician by horse and buggy to help deliver babies. She officiated at or assisted in the delivery of more than 12,500 babies in the Mesa area. She also took in unwed mothers and found good adoptive homes for their babies.”                                      Taken from Mesa Cemetery Walking Tour Guide

Frances also worked at Safeway Grocery in Arizona as an adult and in Utah Frances was a Lunch Supervisor for the Granite schools. She also in charge of nurses/companions for Elder Stapley’s wife. She was also known for her quilting and candy making.

She was divorced from LEON HYRUM PHELPS. LEON HYRUM PHELPS (son of Orson Ashael PHELPS and Rebecca Hannah ALLEN  was born on Jun 10 1914 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  He died on Oct 6 1990.  He was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Deer Park, Spokane County, Washington.  Leon graduated from Gila Community College in Payeson Arizona.

Frances May KNIGHT and LEON HYRUM PHELPS had the following children:

  1. Living Female MILLER (PHELPS).

She was married to Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr  (son of Henry Sr MILLER and Anna Maria FETZER) on May 25 1944. Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr was born on Jun 20 1900 in Munich, Baveria, Germany.  Frances May KNIGHT and Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr had the following children:

  1. Living Female MILLER (PHELPS).
  2. Richard Kent MILLER.
  3. Living Male MILLER.

99. Male KNIGHT was born on Apr 2 1921 in Montgomery Alabama.

He was married to Dorothy Louise ACKERS on Dec 13 1942.  He was divorced from Dorothy Louise ACKERS.

He was married to Virginia Lodema SAVAGE on Jul 2 1949.

101.  Joseph Callis (JC) KNIGHT was born on Jan 23 1926 in Montgomery Alabama.

He was married to BRUNDAGE.


109.  Living Female MILLER (PHELPS) was born on Sep 2 1941 in Arizona

She was married to Larry Lee LARSON (son of Clarence William LARSON and Signa Vera PEARSON  on Sep 2 1961 in Ely Nevada. Larry Lee LARSON was born on Sep 21 1939 in Ottumwa Iowa.  He died on Sep 27 2004 in Ottumwa Iowa.

The grandkids all called Larry “Papa”

Larry died of a heart attack while on vacation in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He died in his sister Lois’s home in the middle of the night.

It was his second, possible third heart attack.

The day before Larry and Lois had gone to the cemetary where their Mom Signa was buried.

Living Female MILLER (PHELPS) and Larry Lee LARSON had the following children:

  1. Living Male LARSON.
  2. Living Female LARSON.
  3. Living Male LARSON.
  4. Living Female LARSON.
  5. Living Female LARSON.

110.  Richard Kent MILLER was born on Jan 1 1946 in Salt Lake City Utah. Died Jan 23 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah

Consumnes River Preserve

My son and I woke-up early and went to Consumnes River Preserve in Elk Grove. We were gone for almost 3 hours. It was very cold, but warmed to about 48 degrees. I got a good work out and he enjoyed the outdoors!





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