After The Storm

A bit of calm and a chance to smooth ones feathers…
Hummingbird Welcome

Lazy Weekends Are the Best


So nice to have everyone where they ought to be. So enjoyable to sit and just hangout this weekend.

20 + Years

Life after Homeschooling

For over 20 years (5 children) at this time of the year I would be making lessons plans, gathering unit study supplies and making books lists in preparation for the new school year.
Not this year. This year I am under the shady tree with a cold drink and a stack of my favorite magazines.
#myjobisdone #lastchildgraduated

Sea Shells

Our family loves trips to the ocean. Actually I can not think of anyone who does not like the ocean or sea shells.

There is an artist who does the most lovely paintings. Her name is Kerrie and her website is Sea Cottage. Her art and quotes are inspirational.

Sea Shells

Photography Workshops

I am about to have all this free time on my hands and I want to do something in still life photography. There seems to be a number of fantastic on-line go at your own pace photography workshops available.

I think they are reasonably priced, but they are pricy at the same time. Many offer free refreshers.

Book and White Flower


Stars and Sparkles in the Night

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