Our Proud Sweedish Roots

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In Progress. This is what I have found so far.



1.  Lowe NELSON was born.  He died.

He was married to Magdalena ZAKRINDUND. Magdalena ZAKRINDUND was born.  Lowe NELSON and Magdalena ZAKRINDUND had the following children:

+2                      i.    Gust LARSON.



2.  Gust LARSON was born on Dec 1 1870 in Sweden.  He died in Iowa, USA.  Iowa Marriages

Groom’s Name     Gustof Larson

Groom’s Birth Date             1870

Groom’s Birthplace             Sweden

Groom’s Age         28

Bride’s Name        Alberta F. Svenning

Bride’s Birth Date                1873

Bride’s Birthplace                Sweden

Bride’s Age            25

Marriage Date      26 Mar 1898

Marriage Place     Des Moines, Polk, Iowa

Groom’s Father’s Name      Lowe Nelson

Groom’s Mother’s Name    Magdalena Zakrindund

Bride’s Father’s Name         Hans Peter Swanson

Bride’s Mother’s Name       Petronella Swanson

Groom’s Race

Groom’s Marital Status

Groom’s Previous Wife’s Name

Bride’s Race

Bride’s Marital Status

Bride’s Previous Husband’s Name

Indexing Project (Batch) Number    M02556-3

System Origin       Iowa-EASy

Source Film Number           1014768

Reference Number              p 148 cn 9521

He was married to Alberta F SWENNING (daughter of Hans Peter SWENNING  and Petronella “Nellie” SWANSON) on Mar 26 1898 in Des Moines, Polk, Iowa. Alberta F SWENNING was born in Mar 1873 in Halland Sweden.  She died in 1944 in Iowa, USA.  Some documents show Albertena. Family knew her as Tina only.  Gust LARSON and Alberta F SWENNING had the following children:

+3                      i.    Clarence William LARSON.

+4                     ii.    George Leonard LARSON.



3.  Clarence William LARSON was born on Jul 30 1900 in Vail, Crawford, Iowa, USA.  He died on Apr 26 1964 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA.  Clarence only went to the 8th grade. When Jimmy went to school, Clarence made sure he graduated.

When Clarence went into the Navy in 1918, his ship went to South America.

Lived at 1320 Wappello St. Ottumwa Iowa early in marriage. Tina Larson lived upstairs and was elderly. Clarence, Signa and the 2 little boys lived down stairs.

Nick name “Swede”.

Clarence and Signa’s children’s initials are all LLL.

He was married to Signa Vera PEARSON (daughter of Bror Sven PEARSON  and Alma JONSDOTTER ) on Sep 7 1934 in Toledo Ohio. Signa Vera PEARSON was born on Aug 8 1910.  She died on Nov 16 1991 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA.  Made and packaged homemade noodles and sold them in the local grocery store.

In the 1980’s made and sold hand made braided rugs. These were sold in a craft store in Salt Lake City

for her by daughter.

Member of the First Lutheran Church, Ottumwa Ia

Clarence, Signa and family lived at 1313 N. Wapelo, Ottumwa Ia.

Had an outhouse.

Clarence William LARSON and Signa Vera PEARSON had the following children:

+5                      i.    Living LARSON.

+6                     ii.   Living LARSON.

+7                    iii.    Larry Lee LARSON.

+8                    iv.    Living  LARSON.

4.  George Leonard LARSON was born in Aug 1898 in Iowa, USA.  He died on Oct 30 1967 in Trenton, Wayne, Michigan, USA.  Lived in Dearborn. Invented child proof locks.

He was married to A. Marion. A. Marion was born.  She died.  George Leonard LARSON and A. Marion had the following children:

9                      i.    Roberta LARSON was born.

+10                     ii.    Harry LARSON.

He was married to Gladys Frost BROUHARD (daughter of Harry BROUHARD  and Allie Permelia FROST) on Jul 21 1923 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa.  He was divorced from Gladys Frost BROUHARD. Gladys Frost BROUHARD was born in 1900 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA.  She died.



5.  Living LARSON was born in Ottumwa Iowa.

Living LARSON was born in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA.

She was married to Larry LYNCH. Larry LYNCH was born on Mar 2 1954.  He died in 2008.

7.  Larry Lee LARSON was born on Sep 21 1939 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA.  He died on Sep 27 2004 in Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA.  Family lived at 905 Jay Street when Larry was born.

Born at St. Joseph’s hospital.

Hobbies: Played basketball, gardening, traveling and music from the 1950’s and 1960’s.

He was married to Living PHELPS MILLER (daughter of Leon Hyrum PHELPS  and Frances May KNIGHT ) on Sep 2 1961 in Ely Nevada.

10.  Harry LARSON was born.

He was married to Gloria. Gloria was born.


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