20 + Years

Life after Homeschooling

For over 20 years (5 children) at this time of the year I would be making lessons plans, gathering unit study supplies and making books lists in preparation for the new school year.
Not this year. This year I am under the shady tree with a cold drink and a stack of my favorite magazines.
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The New Year

This post is not really about the New Year. I just feel like I need acknowledge 2009 has begun.

I am not big on New Years resolutions. I am constantly making lists, deciding what things in myself and the home that can be improved and what steps to take to implement these things. I am not a slave to my day planner, but it is my brain.

We have been off from homeschooling forever it seems. The kids are getting very bored. We will start back in two weeks.

And an interesting thing – my 19 year old son has received a jury summons. We call in this weekend to the automated phone service and see if he has to show up on Monday. The only thing I can think of how he got a jury summons is because he is registered to vote.  Or because he registered for the selective service.

I searched and searched the paper for away for him to get out of serving. The only thing that comes close is the handicapped section (he has autism) and it says…call us and we will make the necessary accommodations. This is going to be interesting.

A sample of what we have done the past few days…


Need More

I know we are silly parents.

But we were so excited when we woke up this morning and found a note from our son. He is a young adult with autism and communication can be very difficult for him.

So the note, the actions he took to find a pen and leave us money – communicating with us – we got excited.


Deep Breath

Whew! That was quiet a busy few weeks.

Things should settle down now.

Time for pictures. The children and I went to Apple Hill just past the El Dorado Hills. We had a very nice time. Alex was a good sport in dealing with the crowds of people. We quickly went to our families favorite spot after we bought our fudge. This area of Apple Hill that we like is very woodsy and while their are lots of little ones running around, there is more s p a c e and Alex enjoyed himself more.

We all played with the Canon PowerShot S5 IS. We brought the tri-pod with too. The fall colors, cool air and happy kids made for great pictures.

Regional Center and Stuff

It has been a long two years. It went from my then 17 year old son having chest pain, to walking pneumonia, to possible Marfan syndrome, on to what the peds doc calls the million dollar work up. No Marfan. Moving on to revisiting ADD/H medications and could we look into if he has Autism? Many more doctors and yes, he does have Autism. Now he is 18 and no one will talk to me unless he signs a paper or tells them verbally.

Regional Center called last week. He was accepted as a life long client. I cried. The nice lady asked if I was o.k. I apologized and said it was just hard to go from thinking something was wrong to professionals saying there was something wrong. I did the same thing a few months ago when the Autism Spectrum Clinic had the finding meeting with us.

Today the the worker from Social Security called and said my son was approved for Supplemental Security Income. My son and I drove down to the office to fill out payee forms.

We are looking forward to my son graduating from the 12th grade this year. He has always been homeschooled along with his sisters. Regional Center will help with job training next year.

We have worked with our son these past months getting down on paper what his goals and wishes  for his adulthood. Between SSI and Regional Center we are going to do our best to make this happen.

One of my sons biggest concerns has been that he can not navigate adulthood. He knows something is wrong.

Because all of these people have taken an interest in him, he feels much better about his future. It is not just Mom and Dad making things happen (and we are so limited), but people who seem to know so much and care about him.

Looking Forward

I am looking forward…

To the weekend

To July

To the rest of summer

To the school year this fall.

I have been filling out so many forms concerning my sons early years and doctors visits in the past and on and on.


What is on my mind

The lazy summer has begun…and it is only the first week of June.

School is out for our homeschool. Alisha is out of college for the summer. The neighbor kids have been instructed not to come to play until 3:00p. We will see just how that works out.
I have ordered a small stack of summer reading from the library (mostly digital photography books). The kids have some video editing projects they want to work on this summer.


 My son was diagnosised last month with Autism. We always knew. It’s one thing to think it and another thing for a panel of professionals to give you their findings and diagnosis. It seems so silly. I don’t know why I am  having such a odd time with this confirmation. I have even written about it since he was very young at my web site http://www.angelfire.com/biz7/dawnamartinez/home/adhd


He and I are almost done with doctors visits. The next step is community college and/or vocational training. We are praying for a second car so that not only can we get these things done easier, but I also want to take them outdoors more this summer and fall.

Here is a pretty pictures




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