20 + Years

Life after Homeschooling

For over 20 years (5 children) at this time of the year I would be making lessons plans, gathering unit study supplies and making books lists in preparation for the new school year.
Not this year. This year I am under the shady tree with a cold drink and a stack of my favorite magazines.
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Learning Handwriting Font

This is a font called National First Font Dotted by Roger White. It is Freeware

I used it for many years when helping the children learn to write. I would make my own handwriting work sheets. You can download it here.

I never mentioned this…

We homeschool. We have homeschooled for 19 years. I have lost count, maybe 18 years. 3 kids have graduated and we have 2 more still homeschooling.

Today, this morning, was a good day. It is not always fun to homeschool. It is hard being a homeschool parent sometimes. It has worked well for our family. I know not everyone can homeschool. It is not for everyone. I try not to be pushy about it. That is why I guess I never mentioned it.

Back To School and End of Summer

We never really had a summer as we usually know it. The temperures have hardly gotten above 95 the entire summer. The news is saying this is a problem for the many crops here in the valley because they need the very warm weather for proper growth.

Hot weather or not, summer happened just the same. Our family had its busy weeks of outings and fun and we had a few weeks of sitting around blissfully and not doing much at all. We again this year had a homestay student from Japan. Our family enjoys and learns so much every time we do this.

And now it is back to homeschool for the younger kids and back to college for the older kids. I make every effort to count the days and “ Live purposefully and worthily and accurately” Ephesians 5:15. I try very hard to not let time fly by me and savor my time with the family. But when these big shifts happen, like the kids going back to to school, I do see time has clearly elasped, and just a little too quickly, inspite of my efforts.

Roller Skating with friends.

Trip to San Francisco Wed.

It was a long but fun day.


A s’more is a traditional nighttime treat popular in the United States and Canada consisting of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.

A Little Outing

Today we had an appointment at the community college for my 2 high school seniors. They will attend starting January 2009.

 We arrived on time and found parking. We bought out little all day parking pass at the yellow machine and headed for the building.

After the meeting we went and looked at the welding classroom and the machine shop classroom. My daughter took some pictures.

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