20 + Years

Life after Homeschooling

For over 20 years (5 children) at this time of the year I would be making lessons plans, gathering unit study supplies and making books lists in preparation for the new school year.
Not this year. This year I am under the shady tree with a cold drink and a stack of my favorite magazines.
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Sunny Summer Day

The kids, myself and the my daughter’s finance went the water park a few days ago. We had a wonderful time.

My relaxing time at the water park.

My knee was acting up but I had a blast anyway!

After a fun day at the water park - the last 30 minutes of the wave pool, poor thing was lifted up by a wave and landed badly. Broken foot. Out of work for a week so far.

The last 30 minutes of the wave pool, our poor Amanda was lifted up by a wave and landed badly. Broken foot. Out of work for a week so far.

This has been such and odd two months. I have been coming to terms with the fact that my children are young adults, married, have drivers licenses and do not need me to drive them to work, another is newly engaged. The last one turned 18, graduated and ended my 25 plus years of homeschooling and on and on the changes keep happening.

I am glad to have some breathing space for myself, but cried many tears over the chapters that are ending. We are not empty nester’s, but they have their own lives now. Dinners together that I held so dear rarely happen with everyones schedules.

And then in a blink of and eye I am back to making and serving meals, propping pillows, and setting up orthopedic doctor appointments.

These changes are one reason I have really gotten back into photography. I need to do something I enjoy. I need something that makes me focus and gives me confidence.

I found an on-line photography class. I am very excited about it. Her name is Janet and the website is Definitely Dreaming .





The Joys of Homeschooling {NOT}

I can safely say, after 18+ years of homeschooling and graduating 3 high-schoolers who went on to community college, that rough days like today will not make me give up!

After taking off most of December and the first week of January, it is very hard to get back into the swing of things this week. It always has been with our family. I expect it. I plan for it and I pour myself some good hot coffee to get me through the morning.

No one wants to get up at a decent hour. No one wants to write or do math. Stomachs hurt and and breaks are given, several breaks.

It will take all week and most of the next week to get back up to speed. Years ago (practically the dark ages) when I had all 5 I was teaching, I used to get discouraged that we had so much trouble after Christmas break. Being in a support group and talking to other moms helped me see it was a normal event. Not even a problem. Looking at the big picture helps.

Learning Handwriting Font

This is a font called National First Font Dotted by Roger White. It is Freeware

I used it for many years when helping the children learn to write. I would make my own handwriting work sheets. You can download it here.

I never mentioned this…

We homeschool. We have homeschooled for 19 years. I have lost count, maybe 18 years. 3 kids have graduated and we have 2 more still homeschooling.

Today, this morning, was a good day. It is not always fun to homeschool. It is hard being a homeschool parent sometimes. It has worked well for our family. I know not everyone can homeschool. It is not for everyone. I try not to be pushy about it. That is why I guess I never mentioned it.

Working in the Yard


Getting in some yard work. School (at home) starts up again on Tuesday. It was such a nice day and we had a good time with the dirt and flowers.

What to Post, What to Post

Writers block? No, just brain fatigue.

School starts tommorow.

1 Community college student

2 Highschool seniors

1 8th grader

1 4th grader

We also have tennis practice and basketball practice before the basketball practice season starts. We also have speech and language therapy two times a week.

Throw in Awana on Wed. nights, Ladies Bible study and weekly couples Bible study.

The day planner is looking a little stressed. Moving forward, looking ahead, being hopeful about the future.

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