Katie’s Art!!!!

Katie had her awesome oil painitngs made into greeting cards! They can be purchased as an assortment just in time for the Christmas as her Etsy Store!

Beautiful Art

My friend Katie just began her ebay business. She is selling her paintings! They are just beautiful.

Here is a little about Katie –

My name is Katie and I’m 21 yrs old and a graduate from the class of “2007.” I was brought in to this world on March,22,1989. I am the oldest of four and have 2 sister and 1 brother. I started taking art class my Jr year of high school and I have done art for 6 years now.

I was born with a genetic condition called Incontinentia Pigmenti. This condition effected my brain development in utero. I was born with a seizure disorder and lived with uncontrollable seizures for the first 11 years of my life. Finally my Seizure Specialist decided to do surgery to remove a fourth of my brain. IT WORKED! I have been seizure free for the last 10 years (Praise The Lord!)

My education has always been with the severe special ed classes, due to my processing disability, and I have learned to be a mentor to my classmates. Art is the way I express myself and feel confident to live in such a confusing world. I hope you enjoy my work and are blessed with the special gifts God give us. Katie

Here is a link to Katie’s blog Here is the link to her first listing.

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