20 + Years

Life after Homeschooling

For over 20 years (5 children) at this time of the year I would be making lessons plans, gathering unit study supplies and making books lists in preparation for the new school year.
Not this year. This year I am under the shady tree with a cold drink and a stack of my favorite magazines.
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Sunny Summer Day

The kids, myself and the my daughter’s finance went the water park a few days ago. We had a wonderful time.

My relaxing time at the water park.

My knee was acting up but I had a blast anyway!

After a fun day at the water park - the last 30 minutes of the wave pool, poor thing was lifted up by a wave and landed badly. Broken foot. Out of work for a week so far.

The last 30 minutes of the wave pool, our poor Amanda was lifted up by a wave and landed badly. Broken foot. Out of work for a week so far.

This has been such and odd two months. I have been coming to terms with the fact that my children are young adults, married, have drivers licenses and do not need me to drive them to work, another is newly engaged. The last one turned 18, graduated and ended my 25 plus years of homeschooling and on and on the changes keep happening.

I am glad to have some breathing space for myself, but cried many tears over the chapters that are ending. We are not empty nester’s, but they have their own lives now. Dinners together that I held so dear rarely happen with everyones schedules.

And then in a blink of and eye I am back to making and serving meals, propping pillows, and setting up orthopedic doctor appointments.

These changes are one reason I have really gotten back into photography. I need to do something I enjoy. I need something that makes me focus and gives me confidence.

I found an on-line photography class. I am very excited about it. Her name is Janet and the website is Definitely Dreaming .





Dearest is Home and Jane Austen

Our daughter’s plane finally arrived at the air port amidst a terrible storm in the wee hours of the morning. Alisha was to have a layover in Dallas, but her first plane was fairly late and had to take a slightly different flight route because of nasty weather across Arkansas. She had just enough time to grab a bite to eat in Dallas and then begin loading. The plane pulled away from the gate and  taxied around for close to 20 min. before take off. Her DVD player died during Pride and Prejudice on this flight just as  Jane was riding the horse to visit Mr. Bingley and his sister. She was not happy. This flight was suppose to only take three and half hours on a good and got an extra hour added to that.

I had wanted to take a photo of her, Alex and Amanda when she got off the people mover train, but the poor thing was so tired and disheveled, I did not do it.

Below are a few photos from Alisha leaving at the air port, then in Tn with her boyfriend. She had a wonderful, but we are oh so happy to have her home.

Holiday is Over – Again

We barely got back into the groove of home-life after Christmas and New Years and me being in Utah. And then we have the MLK holiday.

Trying to get every one moving this morning was not easy. And it was cold to boot. We had a hard freeze warning for the central valley.

Gratefully rain is on its way. It is much easier to get school and chores done when it is gloomy outside – for us anyway. Bring on the hot chocolate.

I am not the only one whose chick has left the nest. Anna Marie Horner’s talented and sweet daughter left for back to school. I read the the comments and many Mom’s have kids far away. While our dear girl is coming home on Sunday, it is really comforting know that many families go through this. And it seems I am just a big cry baby.

We did Skype last night with are Dearest in Tennessee. She went bowling and broke her nail. Still had a great time. Trimmed her beautiful nails a bit so she does not get anymore painful breaks. Tonight she will be watching Star Trek with her sweetie. I really like Skype. It makes her Dad and I so happy to see her.

Here is today’s Photography Habit photo

Cookie Dough Freeze

I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. I am freezing half of the dough and putting 9 to a ziplock bag. (Still crying. Golly, thought I would be better by now.)

In the Home Today

I only cried 2 times yesterday. Going on a field trip helped. I am waiting for the museum curator to give me permission to post the photos. I signed my name agreeing I would do this in order to take the photos. They had several employees of the museum watching me, well they just kept walking through the rooms I was in, every single room. Serious business – this museum stuff!

Our oldest daughter called this morning. She is having a grand time. They were on there way to a near by town for lunch and a movie. It really helped to talk to her. I only have cried 1 time today. Dad is having a harder time today.


Try to be Brave Mom

We miss our oldest daughter soooo much. It has only been 24 hours that she has been gone. She flew back east to visit a friend. She has never been gone like this, from us, before. The missing her is awful. How to parents do this? I really must stop crying!


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