My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

I cried and sniffed through most of this movie. They even had geneology in it for pete’s sake.

I laughed a great deal too, but it was so relatable. Aging parents, surley children, working on your marriage while being pulled in all directions.

My husband was sweet and watched it with me. He enjoyed it – he is so old school. He love traditions and our own big family.

Last week we watched his movie pick – London has Fallen.

There is a scene where  Toula is looking at a photo of her daughter Paris before she was a teen. How many times have I done that myself.

July Mini Vacation

Movie Night is Back

We have not had a weekly movie night in years! Well it is back along with the Netflix subscription (1 disk at a time) We are a month into it – every Thursday night. Popcorn and soda usually, sometimes dinner instead if we are running late.

Movie Night with the Kids web

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