Crafty Weekend

Many years ago I began making these little dolls with my now 22 year old daughter. I was very happy this weekend that my 12 and 15 year old daughter wanted to bring out all the supplies and make them too. I am so glad I did not get rid of the books, felt and beads for the heads and we could jump right in.

Sewing Machine

This last weekend I bought a quilt kit on clearance.  My idea was for my girls and I to work on it together. The girls liked the bright bold colors.

We began Sunday while watching the Olympics. We had to lay all the colors/pattern pieces out and decide which combinations we liked best. That itself took a few hours.

The next day I pinned the rows together and they began to machine sew them. Everyone took turns and we had a good time. There was no rush and we finished it by the evening.

Here is a picture of my youngest daughter sewing. She is 10. The next photo is the quilt top on my bed.


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