Embracing Winter

I am keeping my decorations up much longer this year.
In years past we had real Christmas trees. I always took them down the day after Christmas. Then I started putting away all the knick knacks. By Jan 1st the house was bare.

We have an artificial tree this year. We had it last year too. But last year I rushed as always and put everything away.

Not this year. I have been questioning many things I do in an effort to make my life more simple in activity and stress.

In past years I also rushed to put out my spring decorations. As if that would hurry up spring and make the cold gray days go away.

Not this year. I have pretty red and white decor that I am leaving out till Valentine’s day. I am going to try and put up photos of my red and white items

January’s Winter Day

Love snow. Hate snow. snow day

Today’s Photo

It has been terribly cold in the central valley for days. I guess there is a cold front coming down from Alaska. I had move my flower containers under cover at night so the freeze does not kill them.

I braved the cold this morning and went out and took some photos not to far from our house. The sun was out, but if was still frigid!

Cold Morning 5_web

Happy New Year * Getting Better * Time Heals

Happy New Year, Getting Better, Time Heals and really good medication does not hurt either. My Mom and I went on a nice walk in her complex again. This time we were able to walk down to the complex office. It has been very warm in Salt Lake City, almost 60 degrees! And now tonight it will be 25 degrees. Not a big deal for most winter time folks, but I am from warm California. I was going through my Mom and Dad’s photo albums and found this vintage family photo taken in April 1970! Snowmen in April!

Here are photos from our walk.

I Heart Utah

It is so good to be back in Utah. It was very cold. 20 something degrees in the morning. I am not used to it at all. Oh I packed for it, hat, gloves, scarf! But just the cold coming in from my Mom’s little apartment windows – bbbrrrr.

Mom is convalescing well. She is on a “soft food diet”  I had to do an internet search to find out what I can make her. It is also recommend for her type of surgery – bowel resection, to eat very small meals, every 2-3 hours and no fiber until the doctor say ok. Anyhow what I found for eating was:


Jello pudding

scrambled eggs

soggy cereal (she had rice crispys in the hospital)


sauces and gravy and soups

pancakes (soggy)

Ice cream and sherbets

cottage cheese

foods that have been ran through the blender

Tonight she had bread soaked in milk. It does not sound good to me, but she really liked it. She also had a tiny bit of a Subway sandwich on very soft Italian bread with tuna fish. Nothing else added. She really liked it.

We took a short walk in her beautiful apartment complex. We did not want to over do it.


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