Descendants of Nicholas KNAPP


1.  Nicholas KNAPP was born in 1606 in St. Mary Parish-Bures, Suffolk Co., England.  He died on Apr 16 1670 in Stamford, Faifield Co., Connecticut.  Nicholas departed England on 22 March 1630 aboard the ship Arbella, Capt. Peter Milbourne, Master, and arrived in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, on 14 June 1630.  He removed later in life to Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut, Greenwich, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, and Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  Nicholas was a weaver, lay physician, miller, and farmer, and a member of the Puritan (Congregational) Church.

His will, which he signed with a mark, was made 15 April 1670 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  He was buried about 18 April 1670 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  His estate inventory, taken on 27 April 1670, included books valued at 6s 6d, and his estate was valued at 166 pounds 13s 11 1/2d.

He was married to Elinor.  Nicholas KNAPP and Elinor had the following children:

Caleb KNAPP.


2.  Caleb KNAPP was born on Jan 20 1635/36 in Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts.  He died before Mar 4 1674/75 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

He was married to Smith HANNAH in 1660 in Stamford, Faifield Co., Connecticut.  Caleb KNAPP and Smith HANNAH had the following children:



3.  John KNAPP was born on Jul 25 1664 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  He died 7 April 1749 in in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.

He was married to Hannah SMITH in 1660 in Stamford, Faifield Co., Connecticut,.  John KNAPP and Hannah SMITH had the following children:

Moses KNAPP.


4.  Moses KNAPP was born on Aug 6 1709 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut,.  He died on Jun 9 1789 in Litchfield, Litchfield Co., Connecticut.

He was married to Jemima MEAD. Jemima MEAD was born in 1706.  She died in 1766 in Stamford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  Moses KNAPP and Jemima MEAD had the following children:

Moses KNAPP.


5.  Moses KNAPP was born 1736-06-05 in Stamford,Fairfield,Connecticut,USA.  He died 1821-10-15 in Bethlehem,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA.  Parents ?

MOSES Knapp and Jemima Mead (not Weed), Nov. 25, 1731

Jemima Knapp, born Jan. 9, 1732-3

Ebenezer Knapp, born Aug. 4, 1734

Moses Knapp, born June 5, 1736

Abraham Knapp, born Dec. 28, 1737

Tamson Knapp, born July 28, 1739

Jabez Knapp, born June 24, 1741

Phebe Knapp, born June, 19, 1743

Sarah Knapp, born Aug. 2, 1745

Jane Knapp, born Mar. 3, 1747-8

Isaac Knapp, born Apr. 14, 1750.

Moses was a minuteman in the Revolutionary War. He was a Major and commanded the 11th Battalion, Massachusetts Continental Army in November 1788.

He was married to Margaret KASSON on Sep 8 1760 in Bethlehem,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA. Margaret KASSON was born 1741-09-03 in Woodbury,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA.  She died 1815-08-30 in Bethlehem,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA.  Moses KNAPP and Margaret KASSON had the following children:

Calvin KNAPP.


6.  Calvin KNAPP was born        1770-04-18 in Bethlehem,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA.  He died 1823-12-19 in Cattaraugus,,New York,USA.

He was married to Deborah HOPKINS (daughter of Elijah HOPKINS and Joanna PARISH) on Nov 12 1800 in Bethlehem,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA. Deborah HOPKINS was born in 1778 in Kent,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA.  She died 1832-09-06 in Cattaraugus, New York.  Calvin KNAPP and Deborah HOPKINS had the following children:

Clarinda KNAPP.


7.  Clarinda KNAPP was born on Nov 12 1824 in Bethlehem,Litchfield,Connecticut,USA.  She died 1862-12-08 in Richmond,Cache,Utah,USA.  “In September 1833 there were two Latter-day Elders who came through that part of the country and held meetings.  Father was not at home at the time and did not hear them preach, but my mother and several of their friends and neighbors did, and they were very impressed. When my Father came home Mother told him of the Elders and the gospel that they preached and he became very anxious to hear them.  He learned that they would preach in a place eighty miles from there and he concluded that he would go to hear them.”

Andrew Lee ALLEN (son of Elijah ALLEN and Mehitable HALL) was born on Nov 24 1791 in Limerick,York,Maine,USA.

Andrew Lee Allen History

* Entry in Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p.713:

ALLEN, ANDREW LEE (son of Elijah Allen, born 1763, and Mehitable Hall, both of New Hampshire). He. was born Nov. 24, 1791, Limeric Parsonfield, N.H. Came to Utah Aug. 12, 1852, John M. Higbee company.

Married Clarinda Knapp 1825, who was born Aug. 10, 1802, and came to Utah with husband. Their children: Elijah b. Feb. 7, 1826, m. Eliza Ann Bickmore; Lydia b. June 5, 1827; Sophronia b. Nov. 6, 1828, m. Abram Foster; Charles b. Oct. 15, 1830, m. Adelaide Hoops; Andrew b. Aug.16, 1832, m. Manerva Whittle; James b. Oct. 12, 1833, m, Mary Mathews; Sidney b. Aug. 12, 1835, m. Ann Cooper; Susan b. Dec. 31, 1837, m. John Goaslind; Levi b. April 1, 1842, m. Lavinia Henson; Julia b. June 8, 1844. Family home Provo, Utah.

* Attended a meeting of the Kirtland Safety Society

* Mentioned in the history of the Town of Alleghany in New York state (

The town of Allegany was formed from Great Valley on April 18, 1831. It was originally called Burton, and its name was changed to Allegany on March 28, 1851. Humphrey was taken off in 1836. It lies on the south border of the county, and includes part of the Allegany Indian Reservation.

There are 3 streams, Four Mile, Five Mile and Mill Creeks, which are tributaries of the Allegany River. Much of the town was covered by lumber in 1860, and lumbering was an important industry. Allegany, (p.v.) is located upon Allegany River, and in 1862 contained a tannery, door factory, and blind factory. It had 3 churches and 70 houses, and was a station on the NY and Erie R.R. A college, run by the Franciscans was located near the village. Five Mile Run is a p.o. that was first settled by Ebenezer Reed from Connecticut, who located near the mouth of Five Mile Creek in 1820. Other early settlers include: Andrew Allen, Hiram Wood, James Strong, Isaac Eggleston, and Amos and David Orton, who settled along the creek in 1821.

* From Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers, volume 1 (found on

Name: Andrew Lee Allen

Birth Date: 24 Nov 1791

Birth Place: Limerick, York, Maine

Parents: Elijah & Mehitable Hall Allen

Death Date: 14 Aug 1870

Death Place: Provo, Utah, Utah

Arrival: 13 Aug 1852, John Higby Co.

Spouse: Clarinda Knapp

Marriage Date: 11 Dec 1824

Marriage Place: Cattaraugus Co., New York

Spouse’s Birth Date: 10 Aug 1802

Spouse’s Birth Place: Bethlehem, Litchfield, Connecticut

Spouse’s Death Date: 07 Dec 1862

Spouse’s Death Place: Richmond, Cache, Utah

Married 2nd: Martha Christina Johnson Date: 30 May 1863 , Provo, Utah, Utah Born: 24 Oct 1847 , Kalen S., Sweden Married 3rd: Ann Hughes -No children Date: 16 Nov 1867 , Provo, Utah, Utah Andrew ‘s mother died when he was nine years old. He went to live with his maternal grandfather and his wife. He learned the blacksmith trade and received a religious training from his grandfather. At the age of 14, he left home to make his own way. When 21, he joined the War of 1812 for a short time. He moved to Cattaraugus County, New York , where he built a home and at age 33 married Clarinda . After joining the Mormon Church, he sold his home and moved to Kirtland, Ohio . They continued to move west with the saints until they arrived in the Valley in 1852 . The family moved to Provo where Andrew and his sons helped to build the Provo Fort . Andrew was an excellent rope maker and knew how to make dyes from plants. In 1858 his sons, Charles , James and Andrew , who had moved to San Bernardino, California , did some freighting to Salt Lake . When they returned to California , their mother, a sister, Susan , and brothers Levi and Sidney went with them. In 1862 , Clarinda desired to return home. She did not go back to Andrew but went to Richmond and stayed with a son. She died there in 1862 Andrew married Martha in 1863 and adopted her son. They separated in a couple of years. Andrew married Ann Hughes in 1867 . She was a good wife to him until his death in 1870 . A granddaughter wrote of him that he was a religious and hard working man. He could split as many rails in a day as any two ordinary men. He loved to fish. Children of 1st wife: Elijah , b. 7 Feb 1826 , Burton, Cattaraugus, New York . Md. 2 May 1852 , Eliza Ann Bickmore . D. 21 Apr 1866 . Lydia Jane , b. 5 Jun 1827 , Allegany, Catt, New York . D. 15 Oct 1870 , Richmond, Utah . Unmarried. Sophronia , b. 6 Nov 1828 . Md. 1st, 1 Dec 1851 , Jacob H. Rose (Div) Md. 2nd, 23 Feb 1863 , Abraham Foster . D. 19 Oct 1912 , Richmond, Utah . Charles Hopkins , b. 15 Oct 1830 , Allegany, Catt, New York . Md. 1st, 15 Jun 1864 , Elizabeth Adelaide Hoopes . Md. 2nd, 29 Oct 1890 , Annie Eliza Jones . D. 18 Feb 1922 , Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona . Andrew Lee , b. 16 Aug 1832 , Alegany, Catt, New York . Md. 1st, 4 Mar 1872 , Minerva Whittle . Md. 2nd, 8 May 1884 , Annie Spackman . D. 8 Jun 1918 , Cove, Cache, Utah . James , b. 12 Oct 1833 , Allegany, Catt, New York . Md. 24 Dec 1860 , Mary Elizabeth Matthews . D. 17 Jan 1890 , Richmond, Utah . Sidney David , b. 12 Aug 1835 , Allegany, Catt, New York . Md. 1st, before 1862 , Lucretia Winn . Md. 2nd, 31 Jul 1865 , Margaret Ann Cooper . D. 1 Jan 1905 , Bedford, Lincoln, Wyoming . Susan , b. 31 Dec 1837 , Kirtland, Ohio . Md. 4 Jul 1858 , John Cornog Goaslind . D. 16 Apr 1924 , Logan, Utah . Levi Knapp , b. 1 Apr 1842 , Virginia, Cass, Illinois . Md. 11 Dec 1888 , Livinia Meriam Henson . D. 18 Feb 1928 , Cove, Cache, Utah . Julia , b. 8 Jun 1844 , Plymouth, Hancock, Illinois . D. 4 Sep 1858 , Provo, Utah . Unmarried. Children of 2nd wife: Charles August , b. 24 Oct 1847 , Kalen, S., Sweden to Johan Johannas and Martha Christina Johnson . Was adopted by Andrew Lee Allen . Md. 19 Jan 1873 , Elvon Laveria Stewart . D. 18 Sep 1932 , Provo, Utah . Theda Judd

* Andrew and his family appear in the 1850 Iowa census:  1850 Iowa census – Andrew Lee Allen  This record shows his birth place as “N. H.”, which implies that he was born in New Hampshire and not in Maine, as listed in Conquerers of the West.

Andrew was a blacksmith by trade. His mother died when he was 9 years old. He went to live with his Grandfather Rev. Hall. He left when he was 14.

Andrew and his sons helped build Fort Provo.  Clarinda KNAPP and Andrew Lee ALLEN had the following children:

Andrew ALLEN.

  1. James ALLEN.
  2. Lydia ALLEN.
  3. Saphronia ALLEN.
  4. Sidney ALLEN.
  5. Elijah ALLEN.
  6. Charles Hopkins ALLEN.


13.  Elijah ALLEN was born in 1826.  # hese two biographies, both reported to be from the “LDS Biographical Encyclopedia”, have slightly different wording and details:

* Biography from the InfoBases family history CD.

* Biography from an unknown transcriber.

# Biography from “Treasures of Pioneer History”, published by the Daughters of Utah Pioneers in 1952.

# Elijah’s account of his time with Brigham Young and the Mormon Battalion.

# The story of the Mormon Battalion, from the History of Utah by Orson F. Whitney, which lists Elijah as a private in Company B. Entry in Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p.713:

ALLEN, ELIJAH (son of Andrew Lee Allen and Clarinda Knapp). Born Feb. 7, 1826, Burton, N. Y.

Married Eliza Ann Bickmore (daughter of William and Christina Bickmore), who was born Jan. 29, 1830. Their children: Elijah b. Feb. 24, 1850; William b. April 17, 1854; Eliza Ann b. June 1, 1856, m. Manassah Barnes; James Carson b. March 21, 1858, m. Betsy Lowe March 1, 1883; Andrew b. Dec. 23, 1859, m. Susie Preece; Henry Heber b. March 11, 1862, m. Algena Poulsen; Joseph Smith b. Oct. 20, 1863, m. Phoebe Andersen Dec. 9, 1885. Family home Fort Herriman, Utah.

Served in Co. B, Mormon Battalion.

# Mentioned in the history of San Bernadino, California in Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 4, p.367:

It was natural those chosen to help form the new settlement would include men acquainted with the terrain between Utah and the west coast, and also those capable of supervising a venture of such magnitude. Thus some members of the Mormon Battalion and Mississippi Saints were selected. Among the Mormon Battalion men who resided in San Bernardino (1851-1858) were Elijah Allen, James Bailey, W. E. Beckstead, Gilbert Bickmore, Thomas Bingham, Abner Blackburn, Henry G. Boyle, Montgomery Button, James Clift, Robert Clift, Foster Curtis, Robert C. Egbert, Ebenezer Hanks, Silas Harris, James P. Hirons, Lucas Hoagland, Gilbert Hunt, Jefferson Hunt, Marshall Hunt, Jesse D. Hunter, William Hyde, David H. Jones, Andrew Lytle, Peter J. Mesick, Harley Mowrey, Calvin Reed, John Henry Rol[p.367] lins, Levi Runyon, M. L. Shepherd, William McIntyre, James Stewart, Stephen M. St. John, Rufus Stoddard, Nathan Swarthout, Truman Swarthout, Myron Tanner and Albert Tanner. (See Mormon Battalion DUP publication).

# Mentioned in the biography of Henry Arnold in the LDS Biographical Encyclopedia, Andrew Jenson, Vol. 3, p.590. We are not certain that this is the correct Elijah Allen, since this is the only mention of him being a Captain, but the timeframe is correct and it is likely that his experience on the Mormon Battalian would result in him being promoted. Also, Henry Arnold was living in Fort Herriman at this time.

“In the winter of 1857-58 he [Henry Arnold] participated in the Echo canyon expedition as first lieutenant in Capt. Elijah Allen’s company, remaining out until the greatest danger was over and the majority of the brethren returned to their homes.”

# Interestingly, one of Elijah’s fellow Mormon Battalion members was Ezra Allen, who was a private and a fifer in Company C. Ezra died while returning from California and his wife, Sarah Beriah Fiske, later married Joel Ricks, whose granddaughter Reda Ricks married Elijah’s grandson Henry Heber Allen.

# Mentioned in Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 17, p.155 in the section on how some Utah landmarks got their names. There is no conclusive proof that this is the same Elijah Allen, but it is likely.

Flat Nose Canyon-For Elijah Allen who was chased by a deer.

# Mentioned in Davis Bitton, Guide to Mormon Diaries and Autobiographies (1977), pg.5:

Autobiography (1826-1848)

Holograph. 8 pp. 24.8 cm. HDC [LDS Church Archives] (d 5)

Born in 1826. Joined LDS Church, 1836. Teamster for Brigham Young, 1846. Served in Mormon Battalion, 1846-47. Account of trip to California, 1846. Spent time in hospital in San Diego, 1846-47. Worked at San Gabriel Mission, 1847-48. Relocated in Salt Lake Valley. After short time at farming, traveled east with herd of horses. Met Brigham Young on plains. Returned to Iowa to see family. (“After being gone over two years I felt I had landed once more on the shores of america.”)

He was married to Eliza Ann BICKMORE on May 2 1852 in Coonsville, Pottawatamie, Iowa. Eliza Ann BICKMORE was born.  Eliza Ann Bickmore

Eliza Ann Bickmore was born 29 Jan 1830 in Madison, Illinois.  She was the daughter of William and Christine Bagley Bickmore and was one of a large family though all the other names of the family are not known.  Two brothers, Gilbert and Orlando, and two sisters, Christine and Fidelia, are listed on the records.  Fidelia married a man named Kidd and lived at Fort Herriman.

Eliza Ann had her endowments 7 Feb 1846.  After the return of the Mormon Battalion she met and married Elijah Allen in 1852.  After a short stay in Provo, they settled in Fort Herriman.  They had seven children, one daughter and six sons.  Her husband died 21 Apr 1866 as a result of the hard trip and severe treatment he received with the Mormon Battalion.  He never knew what good health was after that journey.  Her husband’s brothers, Charles, Andrew and Levi, had her move to Richmond with her family so they could help to look after her.  They must have been in very strained circumstances as the children had to go without shoes in the wintertime.  Andrew said he went to school barefoot when quite a good-sized boy.

Eliza Ann was a hard working woman.  The family kept sheep and she spun and wove the cloth for all their clothing.  She knit the socks, wove carpets, churned and made butter, made good salt-rising bread in the summer and yeast bread in the winter.  She was quick about her work and could wash, churn, bake, and iron in one day besides getting the meals.  She was a good “plain food” cook and her meals were always appetizing.  She taught her family to work.  The people of Richmond would put all their cows together in one herd and hire her boys to herd them.  They hired Eliza Ann’s sons, two at a time, until they got old enough to do a man’s work.  Her son, Elijah, worked in the canyon and Will worked down in the lead mines in Bingham, Utah.  Will became leaded and it affected his mind.  He died at an early age.

The family first lived in a little log house in the northeast part of Richmond.  As the boys grew older, Elijah homesteaded land out in Coveville and the family moved out there in a one-room log house.  They stayed there and built a nice two-room frame house with lumber they cut in the canyon.  It was painted white.  Elijah got pneumonia working in the canyon and died.  Eliza Ann lived in this home until her children were all married, and then she lived with one or another of the children, wherever she was needed until she died in March of 1901.  She was religious in a quiet way and attended church wherever she could.  She was a good woman and notably neat and clean.

August 21, 1999:  Converted to HTML and typos fixed by Matt Young.  Transcribed from the following source by Quinn Young:  Fuller, Gerald R., Ancestors and Descendants of Andrew Lee and Clarinda Knapp Allen, Andrew Lee Allen Family Organization, 1952, p. 111-113.

tribute paid to Aunt Eliza Ann Bickmore Allen from Lydia S. Purnell

Their first home was in a village 20 miles southwest of Salt Lake City called Fort Herriman, where her children were born and her husband died.  Sometime after his death, his brothers moved her to Richmond, Cache Valley, Utah, that they might help her with their counsel and management.

She had a yoke of cattle, a wagon, household furniture, a few cows, sheep, chickens and pigs, which they had accumulated while her husband was alive.  She bought a city lot with one log room, some shed and corrals to shelter the animals, thus, she started anew to make a home and raise her family which consisted of six boys and one girl ranging in age from 13 to 2 years.  My purpose in writing this tribute is to show how she did it.  She kept her family together, taught them to work and to be honest and obedient.  She was kind to them and worked hard to keep them clothed and fed.  She made clothes for clothing, stockings, blankets and quilts with the wool from her sheep.  After a few years they build a good log room with shingled roof and an attic where the boys slept.

When I was about 12 years old, I made many visits with them as her daughter, Eliza Ann was near my age.  Aunt always made me welcome.  The boys were agreeable.  It was a real home where peace and freedom were enjoyed.  The children were permitted to play games, chatter, tell riddles, pop popcorn, and make molasses candy.  Aunt seemed to enjoy the fun with the children who went to school in the winter.  The children always had their friends to chum around with.  There was no disposition to be unruly.  They just went along good naturedly about their duties.  I do not say they were perfect, I suppose they disagreed, spoke loudly sometimes, but on the whole they got along fairly peaceably.  I never heard of any of them leaving home or committing any drastic offense.  Young Elijah homesteaded a quarter section of land in Cove, Utah which is about three miles north of Richmond.  The boys built a nice two-room frame house and painted it white.  This was their home until they were all married.  Then the land was divided with the boys, and their mother went to live with them in her old age.  I tell this as a background to bring out her character.

She was industrious, a good housekeeper, honest, paid her debts, lived her religion, was kind and obliging to her neighbors, upheld her husband to her children so much that they had great admiration and reverence for him although the majority never knew him very well because they were too young to remember much about him.

Any woman who can raise a family under the circumstances in which she was placed from the beginning to the end is truly outstanding.  One may be sure that she had many difficulties to overcome, many that were trying to her soul, that nothing short of a good faith in God could make her master [of her] situation.  They all made good citizens and good Latter-day Saints, all were married in the temple and raised honorable families who bear the characteristics bequeathed them by their worthy parents.  One outstanding feature of her sons is that they were industrious, thrifty, and thereby able to build good homes and provide well for their families.  I say to their posterity how valuable is their heritage, worthy of sincere appreciation.

August 20, 1999:  Converted to HTML and some typos corrected by Matt Young from a document transcribed to computer by Quinn Young.  The original was probably collected by Reda Ricks and recorded by Dorothy Miles.

14.  Charles Hopkins ALLEN was born on Oct 16 1830 in Burton, Cattaraugus, Ny.  He died on Feb 18 1922 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He was buried on Feb 19 1922 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.

He was married to Annie Eliza JONES (daughter of James Allen JONES and Minerva Ann LAWSON) on Oct 29 1890 in Logan, Cache, Ut. Annie Eliza JONES was born on Nov 10 1869 in New Hope, Hawkins, Tn.  She died on May 24 1945 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She was buried on May 26 1945 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  Charles Hopkins ALLEN and Annie Eliza JONES had the following children:

  1. Benjamin Jones ALLEN was born about 1901 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  2. Ira Joseph Leroy ALLEN was born on Jan 20 1887 in New Hope, Hwkns, Tn.  He died on Nov 1 1927 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He was buried on Nov 2 1927 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  3. Sidney Levi ALLEN was born on Dec 20 1891 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He died on Aug 8 1933.
  4. Annie Minerva ALLEN was born on Aug 29 1893 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She died in Dec 1972.
  5. Winnie May ALLEN was born on Aug 23 1895 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She died on Feb 25 1984 in Glendale, Los Angeles, California.  She was buried on Mar 1 1984 in Colton, San Bernadino, California.
  6. Hazel Naomi ALLEN was born on Aug 25 1897 in Mesa, Mrcp, Az.  She died on Jan 28 1971 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  She was buried in Jun 1986 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.
  7. Preston Hopkins ALLEN was born on Aug 18 1899 in Mesa, Mrcp, Az.  He died on Jan 28 1971.
  8. Benjamin Jones ALLEN was born on Oct 30 1901 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  9. William Jones ALLEN was born on Apr 23 1904 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He died on Mar 1 1944 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.  He was buried on Mar 5 1944 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.
  10. ALLEN.

He was married to Elizabeth Adelaide HOOPES (daughter of Warner HOOPES and Priscilla GIFFORD) on Jun 15 1864 in Richmond, Cache, Ut. Elizabeth Adelaide HOOPES was born on Sep 9 1847 in Council Bluffs, Pttwtt, Ia.  She died on Nov 19 1889 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She was buried on Nov 20 1889 in Mesa, Mrcp, Az.  Charles Hopkins ALLEN and Elizabeth Adelaide HOOPES had the following children:

  1. Charles Lewis ALLEN was born on May 30 1865 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  He died on Feb 8 1944 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.
  2. Warner Hoopes ALLEN was born on Oct 17 1866 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  He died on Feb 24 1932 in Prescott, Yavapai, Az.  He was buried on Feb 29 1932 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  3. Andrew Lee ALLEN was born on Dec 13 1868 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  He died on Jul 22 1870 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.
  4. John Seymour ALLEN was born on Nov 27 1870 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  He died on Jan 22 1966 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He was buried on Jan 24 1966 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  5. Theodore Knapp ALLEN was born on May 20 1872 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  He died on Sep 4 1877 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.
  6. Adelaide Cedilla ALLEN.
  7. Clarinda Knapp ALLEN was born on Mar 7 1876 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  She died on Aug 17 1956 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  8. Elijah ALLEN.
  9. Priscilla ALLEN was born on Dec 26 1879 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  She died on Jun 21 1952 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She was buried on Jun 24 1952 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  10. She was buried on Feb 12 1973 in Mesa, Maricopa Co., Az.
  11. Rebecca Hannah ALLEN was born on Jul 6 1883 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She died on Apr 7 1971 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She was buried on Apr 10 1971 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  12. Julia ALLEN was born on May 23 1885 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  She died on Jan 8 1971 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  She was buried on Jan 12 1971 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.
  13. James David ALLEN was born on Nov 18 1887 in Mesa, Mrcp, Az.  He died on Apr 15 1940 in Globe, Gila, Az.  He was buried on Apr 18 1940 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  14. Joseph ALLEN was born on Nov 13 1889 in Mesa, Mrcp, Az.  He died on Apr 22 1890 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.
  15. Rebecca Hannah ALLEN.


24.  ALLEN.

She was married to James Howard MCCLENDON. James Howard MCCLENDON was born on Oct 8 1904 in Rexburg, Mdsn, Id.  He died on Sep 25 1966 in Cottonwood, Yvp, Az.

30.  Adelaide Cedilla ALLEN was born on Mar 27 1874 in Cove, Cache, Ut.  She was christened on May 7 1874 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  She died on Jan 6 1963 in Mesa, Mrcp., Az.  She was buried on Jan 9 1963 in Mesa, Mrcp., Az.

She was married to Horace Cornelius FULLER (son of Cornelius FULLER and Annie Elizabeth (Anna) LEWIS) on Jan 26 1894 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona. Horace Cornelius FULLER was born on Jan 2 1870 in Harrisburg, Washington, Ut.  He died on Dec 9 1904 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.

32.  Elijah ALLEN was born on Jan 22 1878 in Richmond, Cache, Ut.  He died on Jul 1 1953 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He was buried on Jul 3 1953 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.

He was married to Emma Pearl NIELSON on Oct 9 1901 in Salt Lake City Utah. Emma Pearl NIELSON was born on Apr 1 1880 in Sunset, Apache, Az.  She died on Aug 17 1931 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  Elijah ALLEN and Emma Pearl NIELSON had the following children:

  1. Elijah Cecil ALLEN.

39.  Rebecca Hannah ALLEN was born on Jul 6 1883 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  She died on Apr 7 1971 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  Rebecca and Orson took care of and helped greatly Georgia and Frances after Leon left them for Selma G.

She was married to Orson Ashael PHELPS (son of Hyrum Smith PHELPS and Mary Elizabeth BINGHAM). Orson Ashael PHELPS was born on Jun 24 1882 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He died on Jul 24 1953 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He was buried on Jul 27 1953 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  Orson was the sixth child of his parents, Hyrum Smith Phelps and Mary Elizabeth Bingham, and he was welcomed into their home June 24, 1882 in Mesa, Arizona. His sister Hattie was not two years old when Orson was born, and through their childhood they were very close.

His first home was a two-room adobe house located on the property where Temple Courts stand on South Hibbert Street. A few years later his father built a larger adobe house with a shingle roof and wooden floors just north of the old one on the corner of Hibbert and First Avenue. In that house he spent his childhood. The lot was a quarter of the block and was planted to fruit trees and a grape vineyard.

The family cows were pastured at the 80-acre farm on East Main Street, and Orson fell heir to the job of herding the cows into town to be milked in the evening and herding them back in the morning. He, Gove, and sometimes Barbara or Hattie helped with the milking.

He loved to play marbles and became a real winner. He kept winning until he had a tomato can full of marbles, and he thought to take good care of them he would put them in the ground. He found a secret place and buried his can of marbles; however, when he wanted them again, he couldn’t find the place and he never saw his collection again. In his later years he would laugh when he recounted this experience.

As he grew he attended Mesa schools and took his responsibilities in the church. He served as president of the deacon quorum and was a counselor at one time in the same organization. One Sunday morning when he was sitting behind the sacrament table ready to help administer the Sacrament, Sister Griffin said to her neighbor, “Orson Phelps looks as innocent as the day he was born,” and that was true of him.

He graduated from eighth grade. He was a great hand to make up adjectives to suit his needs. One day when it was raining, he had seen a man in a wagon going out past their place to get wood on the desert. About sundown, he saw the same man coming back with an empty wagon and it disgusted Orson. He said to Hattie, “Look at that inforben fool coming home without any wood.” Another time he was trying to teach a calf to drink from a bucket and the calf stepped on his foot. Orson rebuked he calf saying, “Well, you’ve waltzed on my foot, now why don’t you take a two step!”

By the time he was large enough to help with other ranch chores, he had to haul hay, irrigate both grain and alfalfa, and at harvest he helped with binding and pitching the grain bundles. He learned all the things a farmer has to know. The only pay he got was his support. Once in awhile his father could spare him a dollar for a dance ticket or perhaps a nickel to buy an orange. Dollar were hard to come by in those days.

He was a very sensitive person, tender hearted, generous and helpful. He couldn’t see his father left to run the ranch by himself when the older boys had grown and gone, so Orson remained and helped him, feeling it wrong to leave the work for his aging father to do by himself.

On Sept. 13, 1905, Orson and Rebecca Allen were married in the Salt Lake Tempe, making the trip with Tom Watkins and Julia Allen and Henry Watkins and Caroline Rogers, with Hattie and Jim Miller as chaperones. The three couples were married by Brother John R. Winder. They remained in northern Utah for a month, visiting relatives, then returned to Mesa to make their home. Each of their fathers had given them a cow, and Orson owned a horse and buggy which he had used while courting Rebecca, plus a sow and nine little pigs. To show his appreciation to Orson for his faithful years of service on the ranch, his father helped them in a number of ways to get their home started. He also gave them $200 to finance their trip to Salt Lake.

They soon had a cozy little home composed of a couple of tents built on the northwest corner of Grandpa’s ranch. The rooms, boarded up half way, had lumber floors, and they were joined together with a breezeway. Rebecca’s father had given them some stock in the Coop Store which was sold for $25 with which they purchased a linoleum rug for the kitchen and some other household furnishings. Her folks gave them an old rug and abed. Gove gave them a stove as a wedding present, and they received other gifts at a wedding reception, so they felt well off.

When the winter rains came, it leaked through the top of the tents, but it failed to dampen their spirits. They would open the old umbrella and place it over their heads to turn the drips of rain, and their feet didn’t matter. Their two-tent home meant as much to them as greater ones have to others. After six months they moved their tents to a twenty-acre tract which was located on Home Lane. It was at this place their first baby, Oma, was born Aug. 11, 1906.

Later they built a frame house to replace the tents. Grandpa Phelps helped to build it, for Orson still helped his father during the haying season. Their first son, Lewis. was born in the frame house in 1909. While he was yet a baby, they filed on a homestead south of Chandler where they moved one of the tent rooms. They lived there off and on until they had proved upon it and got the deeds of ownership. In 1911 Genevieve was born in the frame house on Horne lane. Water was not available for the Chandler 160 acres, so they had moved back to Mesa, sold the ten acres and cows and rented what was known as the Solomon ranch on east Broadway. It was there in 1914 that Leon was born. Their next move was to rent Aunt Adelaide Allen Peterson’s place on Fourth Avenue [corner of Hobson and Broadway] where they stayed one year. Then taking the cows they had acquired in the past two years, they moved onto the Dudley Lewis ranch two miles further east on Broadway. This they rented with the privilege of buying the sixty acres. It was there they paid cash for their first car, a Chevrolet, and in 1917 Elizabeth was born.

The payments Orson made on the Lewis ranch were misused, and in the summer of 1919 they decided to sell out for what they could get. They were talked into putting their money into a large acreage of cotton ready to pick while the price was one dollar per pound, but the price suddenly dropped and they lost everything. It was during this trial in 1919 that Orson Jr. was born. Tom Watkins made it possible for Orson to buy some property on Baseline Road where they started over again, but the price of produce raised on the ranch failed to match the payments and they were forced to make another change. Elijah Allen helped them to make a trade of the ranch for a ten-acre place on South Mesa Drive. Soon after locating there, Orson began to haul gravel and sand for a living. First he hauled with a team and wagon, then he traded for a dump truck and continued to haul for more than twenty years. It was on Mesa Drive that he build their home that stood well into the 1980s.

For 40 years Orson and Rebecca sang in the choir for he loved to sing and had a good high tenor voice. All of their family were musically talented and music was a big part of their home.

In his later years, Orson filled a mission to the Lamanites in San Tan. He was called to serve a second mission but did not live long enough to do so. He helped the poor and the needy; in fact, he helped the widows so much that the family kidded him about being the widow’s man. When he died July 24, 1953 he was mourned by friends and family.  Rebecca Hannah ALLEN and Orson Ashael PHELPS had the following children:

  1. Oma PHELPS was born on Aug 11 1906 in Chandler, Arizona.
  3. Genevieve PHELPS was born in 1911 in Arizona.
  5. Elizabeth PHELPS was born in 1917 in Arizona.
  6. Orson Allen Jr PHELPS was born in 1919 in Arizona.


40.  Elijah Cecil ALLEN was born on Jan 30 1904 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.  He died on Dec 16 1993 in Mesa, Maricopa, Az.

He was married to Marilla SOLOMON on Jun 7 1930 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona. Marilla SOLOMON was born on Jun 10 1903 in Shumway, Navajo, Az.  She died on Jun 2 1988 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.

42.  LEWIS ASHEL PHELPS was born on Feb 13 1909 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  He died on Jun 27 2001.

He was married to MURIEL BRIMHALL (daughter of GEORGE H BRIMHALL and ROSETTA PALMER) on Mar 25 1937 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona. MURIEL BRIMHALL was born on Aug 16 1917 in Taylor, , , Arizona.  She was born on Aug 16 1917 in Taylor, , , Arizona.  She died on Oct 26 1999.  She died on Oct 26 1999.

44.  LEON HYRUM PHELPS was born on Jun 10 1914 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona.  He died on Oct 6 1990.  He was buried in Woodland Cemetery, Deer Park, Spokane County, Washington.  Leon graduated from Gila Community College in Payeson Arizona.

He was divorced from Frances May KNIGHT. Frances May KNIGHT (daughter of Franklin Joseph KNIGHT and Buelah Mae PILKINTON) was born on Dec 17 1918 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  She died on Jul 26 2008 in Salt Lake City Utah.  Soon after the death of her mother and the remarriage of her father, the family moved across the county to ArizonaPages.At 16 she left home to  live and work at Helen Millet Dana’s maternity home in Mesa Arizona.

“Helen Millet Dana 1885-1961 This nurse operated a maternity home at her residence and also traveled with a physician by horse and buggy to help deliver babies.She officiated at or assisted in the delivery of more than 12,500 babies in the Mesa area. She also took in unwed mothers and found good adoptive homes for their babies.”

Taken from Mesa Cemetery Walking Tour Guide

Frances also worked at Safeway Grocery in Arizona as an adult and in Utah Frances was a Lunch Supervisor for the Granite schools. She also in charge of nurses/companions for Elder Stapley’s wife. She was also known for her quilting and candy making.

LEON HYRUM PHELPS and Frances May KNIGHT had the following children:

  1. Living Female  MILLER (PHELPS).

He was married to SELMA GEIGER on Dec 15 1944 in Lordsbury, New Mexico. SELMA GEIGER was born on May 17 1911 in Selma, Dallas, Alabama.  She died on Sep 24 1986.  (Transcribed from Georgia Pioneers, Vol 11, No.2, p109 – May 1974)

Docttone Benjamin Geiger – b 14Nov1877; d 19Jul1957; m 24Mar1895 to Mary Ann Knight

Mary Ann Knight – b 15Oct1873; d 12Sep1942

Their Children:

Maggie Martha Lee Geiger – b 16Feb1896; m 29Mar1914 to Wm. A. Tolbert

Mamie Cansada Geiger – b 12Feb1898; d 21Sep1930; m 27Apr1923 to Jacob C. Johnson. She died in Greensboro, NC but is buried in Ashboro, NC.

Henry Bernard Geiger – b 24Aug1901; m 26Dec1926 to Maggie Lee Dixon

Bessie Lillian Geiger – b 13Nov1903; m1 Edward F. McNamara(Div) /m2 25Apr1937 to James Bryant Hearn

Wilford Hebrew Geiger – b 19Jan1905; m 15Nov1929 to Lois Reames

James Adley Geiger – b 19Sep1908; m 10Nov1920 to Mattye Clayton

Selma May Geiger – b 17May1911; m1 LeLand Webb (Div) /m2 15Dec1944 to Leon Phelps

Docttone Benjamin Geiger, Jr – b 11Jun1915; m1 Ruby Adams(Div) /m2 Eunice Roy(Div) /m3 10Mar1940 to Thelma Pritchett

Parents of Docttone Benjamin Geiger were:

John Henry Geiger – b 30Jan1830; d Jan 1913

Sarah Ann Hutto – b Apr 1831; d Aug 1931

Parents of Mary Ann Knight were:

Hiram Cranten Knight – b 5Mar1839; d 18May1918

Sarah Ann Ott – b 5Mar1843; d 26Jun1926

This Bible was in a 1915 fire, where some pages and the backs were burned off. Family Record pages were salvaged and copied by Bessie Lillian (Geiger) Hearn and contributed to the Georgia Pioneers. Mrs. Hearn will correspond with interested parties who provide SASE to 2946 14th Ave, Columbus, GA 31904.  LEON HYRUM PHELPS and SELMA GEIGER had the following children:

  1. PHELPS.
  2. PHELPS.
  3. PHELPS.

Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr was born on Jun 20 1900 in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.  He died on Nov 3 1997 in Salt Lake City Utah.  He was buried in Wasatch Lawns Cemetery.  Henry worked for Salt Lake Cabinet and Restaurant Supply Company until he was 70 and then retired. After that he kept the financial books for a grocery store called GS Market in Salt Lake City Utah until he was 82. Henry enjoyed working in the Boy Scouts program, conducting music including at Great Saltaire and in the church. He served in the military in Arizona.

He was married to Dorothy DALLAS. Dorothy DALLAS was born on Feb 9 1911 in Salt Lake City Utah.  She died on Feb 26 1990 in Salt Lake City Utah. They were divorced.

He was married to Frances May KNIGHT (daughter of Franklin Joseph KNIGHT and Buelah Mae PILKINTON) on May 25 1944. Frances May KNIGHT was born on Dec 17 1918 in Rocky Mount, Montgomery Alabama.  She died on Jul 26 2008 in Salt Lake City Utah

Henry (Rudolph) MILLER (MULLER) Jr and Frances May KNIGHT had the following children:

+15   i. Living Female MILLER (PHELPS).

+16 ii.  Richard Kent MILLER.

  1. Living Male MILLER.


44.  Living Female MILLER (PHELPS) was born on Sep 2 1941 in Arizona.

She was married to Larry Lee LARSON (son of Clarence William LARSON and Signa Vera PEARSON) on Sep 2 1961 in Ely Nevada. Larry Lee LARSON was born on Sep 21 1939 in Ottumwa Iowa.  He died on Sep 27 2004 in Ottumwa Iowa.

The grandkids all called Larry “Papa”

Larry died of a heart attack while on vacation in Ottumwa, Iowa.

He died in his sister Lois’s home in the middle of the night.

It was his second, possible third heart attack.

The day before Larry and Lois had gone to the cemetery where their Mom Signa was buried.

Living Female  MILLER (PHELPS) and Larry Lee LARSON had the following children:

  1. Living Male LARSON.
  2. Living Female  LARSON.
  3. Living Male LARSON.
  4. Living Female LARSON.
  5. Living Female LARSON.

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  1. Berroa Says:

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    Nicholas is an ancestor of mine. Our family papers say that he was descended from Roger de Knapp in the 1400’s and was knighted by Henry VIII for valor in a tournament. Also, that he was arrested for selling a “false cure” for scurvy after landing in America in 1630. There’s a bit more, but I’m away from my records in PA (now in FL).


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    What happened to the WVA. Knapp’s That decended from nichcolas?

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    I was just trying to do a school project and I saw this. My brother is actually named after our ancestor Nicholas and my family has the genealogy up here in Albany, New York. Very cool.

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