March Comes in Like a Lion…

Rain, wind and even thunder is the weather we are having this week.

I am staying indoors thank you.

Oh Spring

It is wonderful to have a bit of help from our adult kids in the yard. They are very sweet to plant flowers and cut up trees.

The the yard, though bare in some places, looks ready for the most part for spring to arrive.

Trellis for 3 tiny Ivy Plants


Photo Boy in the Ivy

Bun Bun

Ambers Fairy Garden side view

Saint Valentine’s Day


Saint Valentines Treats for the Family

Saint Valentine’s Day Feather Tree

Saint Valentines Tree

Stars and Sparkles in the Night


It has been raining all week. But it has not stopped the birds from coming to the feeder.
Stripe White Bird

In flight meal

in the ivy

January’s Winter Day

Love snow. Hate snow.Β snow day


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